Thursday, July 20, 2006

Good Peeps

This past weekend, I went to the wedding of a good friend and former roommate. Flying all the way across the country for a total of about 48 hours with only two weeks until I have to have my entire apartment packed up and about 4 weeks worth of work done in just 5 work days, was, admittedly, completely insane (yeah, I have some issues with over-commitment).

The thing is, for all the stress I should have been feeling on Friday having to board a flight at 6am (and therefore waking up at 3:45am), fly through Chicago, land in Albany, and then rent and drive a car over to rural Vermont, I only felt excitement.

The weekend was wonderful… lots of eating, drinking, socializing, and laughing. We picked on our friend “Ira” for ordering chocolate martinis when the rest of us were drinking beer, we stayed at the most incredibly cute-but-quirky B&B ever known to rural Vermont, we went for a hike and for a dip in a swim hole, we danced (oh, did we dance! Ask AP about the ill-fated “dip” move where I accidentally got flung to the floor.), and throughout it all, I couldn’t stop smiling.

The mother of a friend of mine has a saying I have been hearing in my head a lot lately: “Be with people who wish you well.” I had a birthday celebration last month and I distinctly remember looking around the table at all the people who had turned out for it, and grinning uncontrollably at the fact that I was in the presence of such incredible people, and then realizing that they were all my friends! I felt surrounded by their love and support, and was so very grateful to have them all in my life, and to have them all sharing my birthday with me.

I can only imagine that one’s wedding is that same feeling times a million. I looked around the tent at all the people smiling and hugging and laughing, and was overcome with joy for my friend, her new husband, and all of us who were lucky enough to be sharing in their special day together.

So to you, Berd (I know, I’ve never called you that, but for the sake of anonymity on the blog, I’m using your nickname), know that the entire 2BN crew wishes you and your groom (“William” was it?) nothing but the absolute best. We will happily fly across the country or drive up the coast in order to wish you well in person – anytime and anywhere.



Rian said...

Here's to weddings! (and shout-outs.) ;-)

Berd said...

Oh dear. I'm warm and fuzzy and all emotional right now. Not many people can do that to me (but, in my soft old age, all you peeps most especially can ... and maybe William, when I get a chance to meet him).

I'm going to email you at once so I don't write something soggy in a public place.

Berd said...

And how 'bout that armpit, eh? Thanks for publishing that bit.