Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I have gotten rid of my rant from a few hours ago, and am replacing it with this link.

Watch it for a while - look at all the numbers and what they represent. And then when you've had enough of that, click on the "Now" button in the top right and spend some time looking at the numbers.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Werewolves Have Taken Over My Email

For those of you not in the know, I love Fantasy Football. I got into it a few years back when a friend needed another person in his league and asked me to join. I thought he was crazy, and told him so, but he begged and I'm nice, so I said yes. I figured that if nothing else, it would increase my marketability as a single female to be able to say I had a fantasy football team.

That got me hooked. I played again the next year, and then started my own league the following year.

This year, I got the word out early, and have been working hard to get as many people to join as I can. Today I sent out an email to everyone who had been invited and who had not yet responded, to let them know I had set a deadline of Thursday for joining. The subject heading was "Fantasy Football - DEADLINE and UPDATE." I also sent a copy to myself.

Except that when I got my copy of the email, the subject heading had been changed to "quote from DOG SOLDIERS, the best werewolf movie ever"

I couldn't make this up if I tried.

And the best part is that I have no idea where this came from. No idea. I did a search of all the emails in my account to see if another one had that subject heading, and none did.

It is a real movie, though...

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Crazy Weekend

Last weekend was a big one.

My summer camp job ended at 12pm on Friday, at which point I hopped in my car and headed home where my roommate was waiting to drive me to Fenway for the 1:05 game. Adam called to let me know he had missed his commuter train, and I told him that I'd wait for him at home and we could both catch a ride with my roommate. We were pretty late to the game, but we ended up only missing one inning (of course, it was the inning in which we scored 6 runs, but no big deal, right?). It was a fun game, because it was Clay Buchholz's debut as a major league pitcher. I managed to get a pretty good shot of a pitch (can you find the ball?).

Other highlights included eating a sausage covered in onions and peppers, dropping most of the toppings on the ground, and collecting the extra bread I didn't want in one hand (maybe you had to be there), and also seeing the look of satisfaction on my sister's face after she managed to finally (after about 5 innings) get her Dippin' Dots.

I headed up to Maine on Saturday morning and met up with my friend in Freeport, where she had already claimed seats for us for the free concert that evening.

In celebration of it's 95th anniversary, LL Bean has been having outdoor concerts almost every Saturday, hosting artists from Dan Zanes to Paula Cole to Arlo Guthrie to Indigo Girls (tonight: Shawn Colvin, next weekend Bela Fleck and the Flecktones). (side note: as I write this, I'm listening to some of the concerts online)

Only in Maine could you bring your nice nice lawn chairs, set them up in the morning (or a day or two early), then leave them there all day while you shop or go hiking or go home, and then come back to them in the evening and have them still be waiting for you. Seriously - it's pretty awesome.

Our seats weren't great (apparently you have to get there before 11am to set up chairs for a 7:30pm show), but I didn't much care. I cared even less at about 5pm when they had a sound check and we went up to the 4th row and stood and watched and listened. Had I been really determined, I could have reached out and touched them. Pretty awesome.

So sometime between when I left MA and when I arrived in Maine, it became fall, and it turned into a very chilly night. Luckily, my friend's husband hadn't come with us, so I got to snuggle close with her to keep warm. At the end of the night, we were standing on the picnic table near our seats, wearing every layer we brought and wrapped in a big fleece blanket, while singing our hearts out along with all our favorite Indigo Girls songs. It was great.

Sunday found me at G's birthday party with LB, Dasein668, MOMP, and her incredibly creative and also incredibly ugly cake. When a 4-year-old requests a cake, you make it - even if you know it's gonna be ugly. It was pretty amazing, if you ask me. But you can judge for yourself...

A real angler fish:
Angler fish in Finding Nemo:
Angler fish cake by MOMP:
After the birthday festivities, I headed up to Bangor to see my friend Morgan and to meet her husband and her baby (clearly we had a bit of catching up to do). I spent the night up there and all too soon it was time to head down to Augusta to have lunch with my grandmother, then back up to Waterville to spend the night at my parent's house, and then back to Boston on Tuesday.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Sunday Secrets

I check this website every Sunday for new secrets. This week, there was a video instead of the regular postcards.

Watch it.

You will be astounded at the strength and frailty of humanity.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Dreams are Funny...

... but writing dreams down and then forgetting that you wrote them, and then finding them months later and reading them is even funnier.

You all may recall a recent post about me kissing Matthew Perry. At the end of that post, I mentioned that I had always thought of myself as more of a Bradley Whitford kind of gal.

Turns out, I had a dream about kissing him even before I had my dream about Matt Perry - almost a full year before my dream about Matt.

I did a MAJOR cleaning of my room today that involved purging a lot of stuff, recycling a lot of stuff, dusting, vaccuuming, and going through piles of random papers. In the process of cleaning, I found a few random pieces of paper with dreams written on them.

In an effort to maintain the integrity of the recorded dream, I have copied it word-for-word (as written by me while still half-asleep the morning after I had the dream) below. Some of it makes no sense because I wrote it weirdly back then, some of it makes no sense because it just makes no sense, and the rest is pretty damn funny:

[I am an] Extra in show that turns out not to be a show. 2 girls go missing. Terror threat level raised.

Later, on a plane - plane inside a plane (hallway outside) w/ seats like a bus. Plane has mechanical trouble, lands & takes off again. Pilot comes on AFTER to tell us threat level has been raised to green (even though green is good in real life, it's not in this one).

Bradley Whitford barges in and is clearly high (now practice for Studio 60). He is smacking his lips, and I start moving mine as I watch him fall all over the cabin. He starts saying all this nonsensical, high dialogue, and fixates on me as he does.

Eventually his dialogue calls for him to kiss me which he does and then he exits.

I sti there in awe of the fact that Bradley Whitford kissed me and wait for comments from the director.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Am I on Candid Camera?

All of you have read past posts about dating disasters so you know my track record with online dating isn't the best. Those stories were weird in their own right, but a combination of events from the past few months has brought even more weird to my online dating experience.

This story actually starts 2 years ago when I met a guy I liked, and then things didn't work out. Fast-forward to a few months ago when I wake up to an inbox of new eharmony matches. One of them is "Dan" from Brookline, and I just know before I even open it that it is the same Dan from 2 years back. Indeed it is. I write a silly email to him laughing that we've been paired up, ask if he'd like to catch up over coffee or ice cream sometime, but never hear back, and that's that.

Until yesterday...

...when eharmony paired me up with Dan's roommate.

Seriously, people. You can't make this stuff up.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Rotting My Brain (but in a socially conscious way)

So I live in a home with no cable. Well, let me clarify: we have cable. Our landlord, who lives downstairs from us, pays for cable, and shares it with us. But she doesn't much care about what she watches, apparently, because she only pays for basic cable.

And when I say "basic" I mean basic. Network television and about ten Catholic channels and that's it. No TNT. No MTV. No ESPN. No NESN.

But sometimes, every now and then, our basic cable turns into what other people would call "regular" cable and I can watch Sox games and all the Law & Order reruns I want. Not sure why we get little blips of regular cable, but I don't look a gift horse in the mouth. I watch Sox games to my heart's content and love every minute of it.

On a somewhat related note, I found out today that GLAAD has released their "Network Responsibility Index" and ABC (which used to be my least favorite network, but with the introduction of both Ugly Betty and Brothers & Sisters this year, it's my new favorite) placed highest as an LGBT-friendly network. So at least I can feel good about rotting my brain when school starts up again in the fall. :-)

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Even Convicts Like to Dance

I can't believe that this is for real, but I think it is, and that makes it just about the most awesome thing I've seen in a long time.