Saturday, August 11, 2007

Dreams are Funny...

... but writing dreams down and then forgetting that you wrote them, and then finding them months later and reading them is even funnier.

You all may recall a recent post about me kissing Matthew Perry. At the end of that post, I mentioned that I had always thought of myself as more of a Bradley Whitford kind of gal.

Turns out, I had a dream about kissing him even before I had my dream about Matt Perry - almost a full year before my dream about Matt.

I did a MAJOR cleaning of my room today that involved purging a lot of stuff, recycling a lot of stuff, dusting, vaccuuming, and going through piles of random papers. In the process of cleaning, I found a few random pieces of paper with dreams written on them.

In an effort to maintain the integrity of the recorded dream, I have copied it word-for-word (as written by me while still half-asleep the morning after I had the dream) below. Some of it makes no sense because I wrote it weirdly back then, some of it makes no sense because it just makes no sense, and the rest is pretty damn funny:

[I am an] Extra in show that turns out not to be a show. 2 girls go missing. Terror threat level raised.

Later, on a plane - plane inside a plane (hallway outside) w/ seats like a bus. Plane has mechanical trouble, lands & takes off again. Pilot comes on AFTER to tell us threat level has been raised to green (even though green is good in real life, it's not in this one).

Bradley Whitford barges in and is clearly high (now practice for Studio 60). He is smacking his lips, and I start moving mine as I watch him fall all over the cabin. He starts saying all this nonsensical, high dialogue, and fixates on me as he does.

Eventually his dialogue calls for him to kiss me which he does and then he exits.

I sti there in awe of the fact that Bradley Whitford kissed me and wait for comments from the director.


smukai said...

I love it!

jme said...

now THAT is amazing, and definitely something you should email to the non blog-readers. isn't that a band name? four non blog readers? anyway, i have some theories about the emergence of this bradford whitford fellow from your dream. what's his name? bradley whitford? bradford walsworth? (that's pete and kate's future son's name, for reference.) is this guy supposed to be famous?