Saturday, August 25, 2007

Crazy Weekend

Last weekend was a big one.

My summer camp job ended at 12pm on Friday, at which point I hopped in my car and headed home where my roommate was waiting to drive me to Fenway for the 1:05 game. Adam called to let me know he had missed his commuter train, and I told him that I'd wait for him at home and we could both catch a ride with my roommate. We were pretty late to the game, but we ended up only missing one inning (of course, it was the inning in which we scored 6 runs, but no big deal, right?). It was a fun game, because it was Clay Buchholz's debut as a major league pitcher. I managed to get a pretty good shot of a pitch (can you find the ball?).

Other highlights included eating a sausage covered in onions and peppers, dropping most of the toppings on the ground, and collecting the extra bread I didn't want in one hand (maybe you had to be there), and also seeing the look of satisfaction on my sister's face after she managed to finally (after about 5 innings) get her Dippin' Dots.

I headed up to Maine on Saturday morning and met up with my friend in Freeport, where she had already claimed seats for us for the free concert that evening.

In celebration of it's 95th anniversary, LL Bean has been having outdoor concerts almost every Saturday, hosting artists from Dan Zanes to Paula Cole to Arlo Guthrie to Indigo Girls (tonight: Shawn Colvin, next weekend Bela Fleck and the Flecktones). (side note: as I write this, I'm listening to some of the concerts online)

Only in Maine could you bring your nice nice lawn chairs, set them up in the morning (or a day or two early), then leave them there all day while you shop or go hiking or go home, and then come back to them in the evening and have them still be waiting for you. Seriously - it's pretty awesome.

Our seats weren't great (apparently you have to get there before 11am to set up chairs for a 7:30pm show), but I didn't much care. I cared even less at about 5pm when they had a sound check and we went up to the 4th row and stood and watched and listened. Had I been really determined, I could have reached out and touched them. Pretty awesome.

So sometime between when I left MA and when I arrived in Maine, it became fall, and it turned into a very chilly night. Luckily, my friend's husband hadn't come with us, so I got to snuggle close with her to keep warm. At the end of the night, we were standing on the picnic table near our seats, wearing every layer we brought and wrapped in a big fleece blanket, while singing our hearts out along with all our favorite Indigo Girls songs. It was great.

Sunday found me at G's birthday party with LB, Dasein668, MOMP, and her incredibly creative and also incredibly ugly cake. When a 4-year-old requests a cake, you make it - even if you know it's gonna be ugly. It was pretty amazing, if you ask me. But you can judge for yourself...

A real angler fish:
Angler fish in Finding Nemo:
Angler fish cake by MOMP:
After the birthday festivities, I headed up to Bangor to see my friend Morgan and to meet her husband and her baby (clearly we had a bit of catching up to do). I spent the night up there and all too soon it was time to head down to Augusta to have lunch with my grandmother, then back up to Waterville to spend the night at my parent's house, and then back to Boston on Tuesday.


Rian said...

And they say we drive alot in LA?! Way to cram it in there, Fibby. I would have loved to have been a part of any segment of that trip... Just not all at once! :-)

And super-thanks for that LL Bean link!

Go Sox, Go Pats!

smukai said...

Found it...nice shot!

legallyblonde29 said...

so glad we could be part of the spiritual moisturizing. :-)

I have to find time to set up my draft board before Thursday!