Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My Valentine's Day Date

Ok now, don't get all excited - it's not what you think.

Story #1:
So a few weeks ago, a friend of mine told me that her boyfriend had broken up with her. Now they hadn't been dating long, but I had seen them together and it really seemed as though they had hit it off. She felt that way too, and for a while so did he, and then all of the sudden, he got weird and broke it off with no warning and no reason. Needless to say, this was heartbreaking for her.

Story #2:
This past summer I reconnected with a friend from middle school. This friend and I used to carpool to dance class multiple times a week, so we were pretty close. She updated me on some of our dancer friends I had lost touch with, and a month later, I had a voicemail from another dancer friend from my past who had gotten my information from the first dancer friend. Dancer friend #2 ("DF#2") left a lovely and sweet voicemail and I never called him back. I meant to - I really did. But time went by, and then it felt weird to call because it had been so long, and so I didn't.

Fast forward to this past week when DF#1 let me know that DF#2 is in a dance company that would soon be coming to Boston. That gave me good reason to call him and so I did. We chatted for a while, and made plans to meet up for coffee while he was here. I explained that as much as I'd love to see his performance, $40 for a student ticket was too much for me. He said he'd try to get me a comp ticket.

Story #1+#2:
Then I got it in my head that it would be fun to invite my newly-single friend ("NSF") to this performance. I asked DF#2 if he might be able to get 2 tickets, and he said he'd look into it. He was unable to secure 2 tickets for Thursday, and instead got me a single ticket for Friday which solved the problem of me seeing him, but not the challenge of figuring out what to do with my NSF on Valentine's Day.

The answer? Finale Desserts. Any place where the desserts cost more than the appetizers is good in my book. The challenge is that because I called today to make reservations, the only reservations we could get were at 5pm. Not really a problem, though, since I am usually starving by 5pm on Thursdays after I babysit.

So we have this dinner/dessert plan and life is good, and then DF#2 calls me to tell me he can get us discounted tickets to his show for Thursday and asks if I still want them. Ummm... yes.

So my non-date Valentine's Day night will involve two single, straight girls going to a romantic dinner/dessert, then to a dance performance, and then taking DF#2 out for a drink. That's a much better way to spend the evening than alone doing homework.

*** Update: The night was great. Dinner was good, dessert was amazing, and the show was breathtaking. ***

Life is good.


Anonymous said...

My valentine is taking seven classes and TA-ing and coaching softball and trying to find gainful employment, AND sick. I want to come to Finale desserts, too! Grass is always greener...EFS.

smukai said...

And my valentine involved waking up next to the sick preggo wife, realizing that I somehow contracted conjunctivitis somewhere between when I went to sleep and when I awoke (2 am to 6:45 am) and realizing there would be no smooching on valentine's day for me. SUCKO!

We've come a long way since the pseudo-proposal to you, eh?

brushfiremedia said...

fibby? where have you gone?