Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Little Blond Munchkin Love of My Life

Today is my last regular babysitting day with my little man, Clyde. Those of you who know me know that Thursdays have been the highlight of my week for the past year because of him. In honor of our final day together, I made him a book (he loves books). It won't look nearly so nice or well-organized on blogger, but I'm sharing it here anyway.

Thursdays with Clyde and Phoebe

Every Thursday for a year,
Clyde's friend Phoebe would appear,
Ready for a day of fun,
In the rain or in the sun.

In the park were many things -
Clyde's favorites were the swings.
"Little push, little push, big push!" he'd cry,
And after the pushes he'd go "So high!"

Slides to slide down and tires to climb,
There was never enough time,
To do all the things Clyde loved so much,
Like sniffing roses, puddle jumping and such.

Clyde was fond of things with wheels -
Fire trucks had the most appeal
So they'd walk (they'd never drive),
To see Tower 1 and Engine 5.

Lights went on and sirens wailed,
While trusty Sparky's watch prevailed.
Those trucks were big - they were not tiny,
And their wheels were always shiny.

Then Phoebe would say, "Hold my hand!"
And Clyde would reach up just as planned,

And they'd head home to eat their lunch,
Getting messy as they'd munch.

After nap it was time to venture,
Back outside for more adventure,
Looking at flowers all around town,
And stepping "Up!" and stepping "Down!"

On their walks they loved to play
With their shadows on sunny days.
When shade came, shadows would hide,
And Clyde would say, "Where's Phoebe and Clyde?"

Often they would walk some more,
To the library or bookstore.
They would sit and read together,
In sunny or in rainy weather.

At the library, Clyde liked best
The "Oops! Book" and "Froggy Gets Dressed".
But at the bookstore he'd request
"Yummy Yucky" and "No no Yes yes".

Then at the end of each Thursday,
After lots of fun and play,
Phoebe had to say "goodbye"
And head back to her home nearby.

So Clyde would from the window stand,
As Phoebe smiled and waved her hand,
And Clyde waved back each afternoon,
Knowing they'd play again very soon.


Molly Holder said...

omg phoebs this is so cute! he is so lucky to have such an awesome big person friend! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm practically crying. I wish you were my babysitter. I need you! EFS.

Sarah said...

Very cute. Thanks for sharing. Good luck with your new job!