Friday, December 31, 2010

2009: Final Report

I had a lofty list of goals for 2009, and feel like it's worth checking in to see how I did before moving ahead to 2010.

- I did entertain a bit... not sure if I'd call it "more" but perhaps "more deliberately" or "with more enthusiasm". I hosted my first annual Oscar Party complete with a red carpet, a fancy dress, and drinks named or themed after the nominees. From what I could tell, people had fun, and I'm planning on another in 2011. I also hosted the second annual "Opening Day" party for ALC alums. Two events a year is a good start, I think.

- The study never got cleaned. I did, however, do a major overhaul of clothing and shoes (well, mostly clothing) and donated a bunch of stuff that was sitting around waiting to find a new home.

- Preparing more meals... hmm... I subscribed to Cooking Light and did try a few recipes from there. I did get more creative about lunches for work, and had some pretty fun salads.

- Never started any kind of social gathering club (book, wine, knitting), but I did become closer to a group of friends from work and spent some time with them. I continue to make new friends at work, and feel optimistic about perhaps some regular social gatherings in 2011.

- In 2010, I did not read one book a month. I read one book about every other month. And most of those books were vampire trash. HOWEVER, reading is reading, and I feel like that was a good start. Clearly more room to grow in this department.

- In 2010, I resolved to put more money in savings and then use those funds towards a vacation to somewhere I wouldn't usually go. I got a little sidetracked with the savings situation when I got invited to no less than eight weddings. The formal vacation plan was put on the back burner, but I was able to take a week on the west coast to visit friends (and attend a wedding), and a few long weekends in the fall to attend weddings and see groups of friends. Here's hoping for fewer weddings (and more savings!) in 2011!

- In 2010, I spent limited time exploring my spirituality. I did attend church on the first Sunday of the year, which has to count for something. I also helped in the hiring process for a new chaplain at the hospital where I work That was really interesting.

- As for my trend of being true to myself, I think I was able to successfully continue that trend. Unlike 2009, 2010 had no unhealthy relationships and very little drama. The drama that did exist I think I handled with a good sense of humor. I saw more of friends I hadn't seen in a while, put energy into the people I love who love me back, and allowed some relationships to wane without hurt feelings, understanding that that is the natural progression of some friendships over time.

I had forgotten until looking back at last year's post just how difficult 2009 was for me. I appreciate looking back on 2010 that there were no major complications or challenges that left a shadow on the year. Many people have posted on Facebook that 2010 was a horrible year and that they can't wait for 2011. I'm quite pleased with how 2010 shaped up, but I'm also excited about what lies ahead...

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