Sunday, December 10, 2006

Operation Shuck and Awe

Last night I attended the 8th Annual Tree Trimin' Oysterfestivus, and (thanks to previous training on the west coast) got to play an important role as a member of team Operation Shuck and Awe. Three people, 200 oysters, and we shucked 'em all.

(To be fair, I was a relatively slow shucker as compared to our team captain, who was the fastest shucker I've ever seen in my life. But I still managed to make a dent, and definitely shucked more ersters last night than I have in my entire life.)

Thanks to MOMP and husband for a great party, and a much-needed break from my studies.

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Anonymous said...

MoMP and family would like to officially thank Fibby for not only her assistance to Shuckatrix T, but for morning-after cleanup extraordinaire. We-Who-Smell-of-Bacon-&-Cinnamon-Salute-YOU!