Sunday, December 17, 2006

Yul Rules!

Because I have no friends on this coast who enjoy my guilty pleasure, I post this blog for anyone out there who does. Below, my comments on the Survivor finale and post-game show:

Can I first just say that it STILL makes me giggle (even though I know very well that it will happen) that everyone looks so damn fat in the reunion episode. I mean, I do understand that they are all rediculously undernourished on the island, and it's not healthy that they all get so skinny, but still, they do end up looking really chubby when they get together at the end, and it makes me giggle.

Let me say, in terms of who won, that my heart really wanted Ozzy to win. That said, I had been pulling for Yul since the beginning, so my brain was psyched for him. But my heart still hurts for Ozzy. I can't believe that the two finalists (I'm going to pretend - like all the jury members did - that Becky was not a finalist) were both so worthy. After seasons upon seasons of deciding between the best of the worst, it was nice to have a season in which the two people in the running for the million dollars actually played the game well and were deserving.

Final Episode Thoughts:

- The Tiebreaker - How absolutely painful was it to watch that fire challenge!? I mean, seriously. We knew that neither woman really deserved to be there, but then they basicially ended up competing to show everyone how little they deserved to be there. I was disgusted, and at the same time, I loved that they both dug their own graves and ensured their elimination from the competition (though I will say I was impressed that Becky didn't take the idol from Yul, even if I was entirely unimpressed with her fire-making skills).

Regarding the Reunion Show:

- Jonathan looks like a dweeb with his hair now. Didn't he have gray hair before? He definitely had a gray beard. Or maybe his hair was always covered by his hat, so I never noticed how toupee-like it was.

- Sundra is a hottie.

- So is Yul (according to People Magazine).

- Ummmmm... Sekou? His song was kinda Lionel Richie-esque, only, well, awful. "SurVIvor!" "Survivor!" Also, anyone else find it ironic that the first person voted out was the one who wrote a song about his experience? Maybe that's why it sucks so much - maybe if he had stayed on the island longer, he could have written a better song. (Update: turns out this little gem is available online, so for those of you who don't watch Survivor and/or for those of you who do watch it and were laughing to hard to hear it on the finale show tonight, you can check it out.)

- Adam is a dufus. Seriously. It pains me to look at him and know how far he went in this game.

- Parvati - MODEL boxing!??!?!

Unrelated to Survivor:

Did anyone in other parts of the nation see the car commercial where the people sing the "Sound of Music" song? It was awful, but let me tell ya that if I were looking to buy a new car, and the car salespeople promised to sing to me like that, I would strongly purchasing from them.

Final Thoughts:

This really was a damn good season of Survivor, which says a lot coming from me, considering I've watched it without my west coast peeps. Though it sucked to watch this finale alone, rather than in Berkeley with my friends and lots of yummy food and beer, I will say it still made me feel somehow close to everyone over there to know that just as the fun was finishing out here, it was just beginning over there.

If any of you west coast Survivor-watchers are reading, I can't wait to de-brief in person in a few weeks over burritos and beers.


dasein668 said...

Ooo. My wife shares that guilty pleasure. I'm SURE she'll have something to add!

legallyblonde29 said...

Oh I do have lots to add!!! I love Survivor. It's bad, I know, but if I must watch reality shows (and I must -- I'm a TV addict afterall!) at least I'm still watching the best one of them all. Really, I don't watch any other reality shows (except sometimes I have watched the Amazing Race and the Bachelor ... oh, and ANTM... oh and Project Runway ... so ok... I guess I watch lots of reality stuff -- so sue me)...

I agree that this was one of the best seasons of Survivor (maybe other than the first one and the All-Stars season) but the final tribal council and reunion show were a little bland. I was an Ozzy fan throughout, and sad that he lost. But, man, he had gained so much weight by the reunion show... much cuter during the series than afterward! It would have been nice to see the jungle boy surfer dude who wants to finish college get the money rather than the polished, highly-educated lawyer-soon-to-be-politician...

And I'm sorry but if you can't make fire with a whole box of matches and a bucket of sticks and coconut husks, then you are an idiot. I was laughing out loud during that scene.

Fibby, next season, you can come watch the Survivor finale with me!!! We'll have burritos and beer.

Addie said...

Survivor, Phoebes? REALLY???

Ah, we Bostonites still love ya anyways . . . ;-) hehehe ha ha ha hohoho

CDG said...

i don't pretend to understand the appeal of reality television, but i applaud that kind of devotion to entertainment - after all, i watch sci-fi DVRed on Friday nights (who AM i?)...anyway, i HAVE seen that ad with the singing car salesmen, and let me tell you, if they really did the choreography and the harmonies, i WOULD buy the damn minivan!