Thursday, February 15, 2007

Episode 1: James (aka "Rocky") Learns Big Words

Last season of Survivor was my first season of watching without my Bay Area friends. Not only did I have noone to watch Survivor with, but I also had class on Thursday nights, and was forced to watch streaming video online to catch up, thanks to an unprogramable VCR (and no Tivo). Every week, to feel closer to my Survivor friends, I would email them all the comments and thoughts I would have shared had we been watching together. Sometimes this began an email discussion of the episode. Mostly it didn't. But it did make me feel closer to them somehow.

This season, since I have a few blog-reading friends who watch Survivor (but who aren't in on the emails), I've decided to post my comments on this here blog. If you're not into Survivor, then just don't bother reading the entries with the Survivor logo at the top. Otherwise, enjoy...

Thoughts on Episode 1:

- I don't know if it was because of Jeff Probst's notable lack of presence in this episode or what, but for one reason or another, I didn't feel like there were quite as many funny quotables in this episode. For this reason, this particular list of thoughts is kinda lame. Don't judge. I promise to be more entertaining as we get to know our cast of characters.

- I think it's wonderfully cruel that they all built the best shelter/kitchen/bathroom ever, but only half of them get to live there. Seriously - hammocks, cups, a COUCH!??!!? - the only thing missing is the "Casa de Charmin'" sign (apparently not a sponsor this year???).

- I'm also thinking this Exile Island thing is entirely too mean. I mean, it sucks enough that you get stuck out on an island alone. But then to know that you're not alone, and in fact are surrounded (even when you're up in the lookout tower, the camera people were kind enough to point out) by sea snakes... Mean.

- I think Erica had better watch her attitude. Her whole "I don't know what they're so happy about" thing was just rediculous. Does she have a peanut for a brain!? Of COURSE no one was happy about not being able to enjoy the luxury beach, but they were making the best of it, because otherwise, they would all just go crazy. For that reason, I see some crazy in Erica's future.

- I always hate the first vote, because it is rare that anyone actually deserves to go home. I like that so many people got votes, though, this time around - made it interesting, and hopefully will make for some interesting conversation in Episode 2.

- Overall, I'm happy to see that Survivor has continued the trend of diversifying it's contestants (well, not so much with age, but I'll take any progress on this front). Can't wait to see what insanity each and every one has in store for us this season...

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legallyblonde29 said...

I think Rocky was an odd casting choice. Haven't they already done the whole "I have Boston tatooed on my body and sound like an idiot" routine? A couple times?

Where's the second week update, huh, girl? Ya gotta hook me up! I have to admit though that I don't care yet about who gets voted off each week. I guess I was glad that Erica went and not Sylvia (the we-hate-her-because-she's smarter-than-all-of-us-combined-so-even-if-she's-nice-we're-all-going-to-hate-on-her). But did anyone think it was a bit odd that the one who found the life-saving pinapples got voted off? Does anyone find it odd that I just wrote the phrase "life-saving pinapples"? Ok, I'll stop now!