Monday, February 19, 2007

Episode 2: "This Game is so Vicious, it's Delicious!"

Wow - another episode where I have not so much to say...

Sorry to Anthony that his marriage to Erica (or at least the blooming of love between them) will have to be put on hold while she stews about being voted off and he continues to fight the good fight. (And can I just say that I am awesome, because I predicted in my last Survivor posting that Erica would have some crazy in her future - indeed, she lost it and got herself booted)

I was glad that Erica found the "lifesaving pineapples" to give the tribe a fighting chance, but I would bet that if she hadn't found them, someone else would have, given that they were RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM. I look forward to next week when it appears they manage to make fire. Maybe being hydrated will improve their puzzle skills...

Speaking of skills, did anyone else notice Sylvia's idiot buff-wearing skills? She was walking on the beach with someone, and her buff was basically just balanced on her head. I'm not saying she has to look like a 20-something and wear it as a tube top, but could she at least manage to WEAR it, rather than pose under it???

Like I said, it was a slow episode in week 2... not much else to say.

Favorite quote: "Snakes are misunderstood... we have an understanding now."

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