Sunday, May 13, 2007

Final Thoughts on Survivor: Season 14

Ok, so finals made me skip the last few episodes of Survivor, and so I was forced to read about them on the official Survivor website. Very detailed, but not as good as seeing them live. Yes, I could have streamed them like LB, but I haven’t been home much lately, so reading was the best I could do.

That said, I was able to see enough episodes over the course of the season that I knew who all the players were who were left, and I definitely had opinions on them all. Sorry to not have commentary on all episodes, but I think I have enough commentary on this episode (and the reunion show) to make up for it.

Survivor Episode 200:

Yau Man – what a win for that first immunity challenge. He needed it and got it. He is amazing.

What’s with Boo’s “Floz” hat? Was this explained in one of the episodes I missed? Why did I not notice it earlier? “FLOZ”???

Best quote: “An older Chinese guy and a young black guy. Friends. That’s like Rush Hour.”

The “saying goodbye to people who were voted off before you” segment is lame. It’s always lame. How many different ways are there to say “Sorry you had to go so early” or “I wish you could have been here longer with us.”

That arm hanging challenge was great at showing off Cassandra’s sexy armpits. I’m pretty sure I haven’t seen female armpits so hairy in previous seasons. Also, did she have an orgasm before she fell off? That was awesome.

The Immunity Necklace: Stupid move on Dreamz’s part. Because how could anyone pick him to win after he went back on his plan with Yau Man? The curse of the car got them both.

Speaking of… Why did Yau Man give Dreamz the truck? Didn’t the pact dissolve when Dreamz didn’t keep his word? I guess Yau Man is better than that, but still…

Did anyone else get choked up seeing the clip of Stephanie finding out about the merge for the “Built Ford Tough Tournament” (I think that’s what it was called) ? I loved that season. I loved Stephanie.

Is it me or was Cassandra talking to herself on the way to the “final” tribal council? Her lips were moving, but it didn’t look like anyone was listening…

Lamest opening statement to the jury was definitely Cassandra: “I was someone everyone could talk to and I tried to stay positive and I hope that at the end of the day, we can all still be friends.” Whhhaaaaat!?!??! (and how did I miss until tonight the fact that that she couldn’t swim?)

Alex: Wow. Yelling at Cassandra to stop answering the question he had asked her to answer? And what was with the “air quotes”?

Probst’s facial reaction to Lisi’s question was brilliant. Cassandra’s SHOES!? What the hell do they have to do with anything?! “How many zeros are in a million dollars?” WHAT!? What are these questions? And why didn’t Jeff ask her about them at the reunion show? She’s officially insane.

Boo: Way to give props to Yau Man. Way to play the Christ card with Dreamz. I didn’t see the episode with the truck promise, but I loved that Boo told Dreamz he was an immature Christian (and how the videos showed that Dreamz did indeed swear to God).

Random thought: Do you think that people got teeth whitening before this show? They all have very glowing teeth in the darkness.

Overall, it was an okay season of survivor, but not a favorite. I’m glad Earl won. I was pulling for him from early on. Wish I had someone to watch it with (I didn’t realize they were putting three people in front of a jury, so when I did the math, I got all excited to think that I’d be in SF to watch the finale with my SF-Survivor-Watching peeps), but it was good background while I packed for my upcoming trip to SF.

Probably no updates for a bit, as my schedule is jam-packed until I take off for SF.

Happy Mother’s Day to all.

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jme said...

it's too bad you didn't catch the last few episodes, because i'm sure you'd feel differently about this season being a favorite. the last 3-4 episodes have probably been the most amazing, suspenseful, fun episodes ever.

and i'll continue to be the only person on this planet who was kinda pulling for dreamz. yau-man's critique of him during the finale was right on. exact. and yau-man kicks butt.

good call on the curse of the car!

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