Sunday, May 20, 2007

Fibby's Life: A Quick Update

Hello Readers.

I am writing to you from Berkeley, CA, where I sit on the eve of Bay to Breakers, quite possibly the most fun day of the year. When else do you wake up at a rediculously early hour in the morning to dress in costume and then push a shopping cart full of beer across a city? Never. That's when else. It's a special, special day.

This year's theme is "Bay to Breakers in a Box" inspired by the SNL Digital Short.

A team of us worked hard for a full day to put together a ginormous box that fits on the front of a shopping cart. Photos to come, but trust me, it's gonna be awesome.

In other news, I got to see my old dentist while I was here. I had some gum and tooth irritation, and since I don't currently have dental insurance (and therefore don't currently have a dentist in Boston), I figured I might as well see a dentist who knows my teeth. He was great, and hopefully we figured out what's causing it, and the good news is that no surgery is required. Wahoo!

For those of you who remember my misadventures on my last trip out to San Francisco, you might be interested to know that I tried to get on the wrong flight coming out here this time as well. Waited in a loooong Southwest B-line (that I was very grumpy about because I knew I wouldn't get a window seat based on where I was in line), got to the front, gave the woman my ticket, and when she scanned it, it made a not-so-happy beeping noise. She looked down and told me that I was supposed to be at gate B-9 and this was gate B-11.

So I walked over to B-9 right next door, and was first in line in the B-line. Window seat. Nice seat neighbors. Life was good.

I can't help but wonder what it means that I've nearly gotten on the wrong flight both times I've flown out here since I moved away. Ideas, anyone?

More updates when time permits, but for now, I leave you with this bit of news:

Apparently, the 5-second rule is now a 30-second rule. Thanks Conn College researchers for that fun little tidbit.


Anonymous said...

I think it means the East Coast gets to "keep" you a bit longer. :)
Happy early birthday! EFS

Anna said...

I just checked in after not reading up on your life in a while Phebes....but as a proud Conn College graduate I am happy we could help you out with that research...