Saturday, June 02, 2007

More Tidbits

I fear I'm becoming more and more like The Burger every day I don't post, so I wanted to put something up so that I don't lose the 7 readers I have out there.

Thoughts on a rediculously hot and humid afternoon:

1. I'm not sure which is worse: a summer that is humid in a hot and disgusting "why bother to shower when I'm going to be sweaty in 5 seconds anway?" kind of way, or a summer that is humid in a "it's foggy and chilly and I haven't seen the sun in a week" kind of way? The jury is still out.

2. Mini-golf is awesome. I recently reconnected with a friend from college who is between jobs, and so we've been doing some daytime mini-golf. So far, we've hit both Billy McGolf Mini-Putt in Dedham, and Golf on the Village Green in Natick. I did significantly better in Natick, and though I like to think it is because I improved over the course of a week (never practicing between games, of course), more likely it is because of the good groundskeeping and lack of helicopters on the green, and the inspirational patriotic music being played all around the course (there's really nothing quite like putting while a rousing rendition of "Glory, Glory Hallelujah!" is playing in the background).

3. 30 Rock is hysterical. I was bored one night and browsing through my streaming video options online and I decided to watch a few episodes. It's great. (and so is the "The Disaster Show" episode of Studio 60 - recommended by LB).

All for now. I PROMISE (really!) that I'll write a post that is about just one topic and that has interesting photos in addition to links really, really soon (maybe even tomorrow!).


dasein668 said...

Hope your party was awesome!!!!! Sorry we couldn't be there. ::sigh::

Here's some mini-golf to tide you over till next time you hit the links.

phoebe said...

I suck as much at online mini-golf as I do in real life!