Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A Prayer

I have only known your mother for a short time, but I already know her to be an incredibly kind, compassionate, gentle and caring woman whose presence is calming and reassuring to anyone with whom she comes in contact with.

I only met your father for the first time last night, but I know him to be an entertaining, friendly, and outgoing man - the kind of person you feel like you've known forever from the moment you meet.

And you - you I never got the chance to meet. But I know how excited your parents were for your arrival. I know they were working on painting the house and fixing up a room for you. They had picked out names (though they hadn't disclosed them yet), and were looking forward to sharing their lives with you.

But the universe had other plans, it seems, and you slipped away to another world today before we had time to share ours with you.

Baby Mello, I never knew you as a person, but I knew you through the hopes and dreams of your parents. Whatever greater power is out there, please give A and J the strength to get through this devastating loss. And give all of us - their friends and family - the strength and compassion to support them.

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