Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Backed Up

Ok, so the irony is that on Sunday night, I was telling a friend who doesn't read my blog about my new committment to posting my list every night, and I was saying it was great because I was posting on my blog more, and also it was helping me to focus on the "good stuff" and now, here I am on Tuesday morning not having posted since Saturday. Oops.

A combined list of 6:

1. Buying baby gifts (and then wrapping then in my trunk in the parking lot).

1b. The helpful woman in the parking lot of Babies 'R Us who told me that there was a table inside the store where I could wrap my gifts (as I was wrapping my last gift).

2. Singing loudly in the car.

3. Starting up a new line of emails among my old singing group, and then getting all the responses and photos of babies and weddings.

4. Splurging on my favorite face wash and getting lots of samples of other fun products.

5. Debating the pros and cons of taking a break from studying to go see a friend in a show, deciding to go, and then realizing that I had really needed (and deserved!) the break.

6. Writing (and finishing) my first paper.


smukai said...

Do you remember Noah's "Good Stuff - Bad Stuff" articles in the Middlebury Campus?

For some reason, today seems strangely reminiscent of that....without the bad stuff, of course!

dasein668 said...

I would add: 7. Missing the Patriots' miserably bad quarter of football and then listening to them recover over the next three quarters and beat the pants off the Buffalo Bills while driving home from a lovely party.

dasein668 said...

oops that comment was from LB, not Dasein... I'm computer-squatting.