Monday, September 17, 2007


The first summer that I was a camp counselor, I was given the gift of a gratitude journal. I was supposed to write 5 things every day for which I was grateful. Being the resourceful person I was, I decided to only write three, and then I could use it for 2 years (it made sense at the time). It was great, because even on days that sucked, I still forced myself to come up with 3 things to write. And on those same days, I could go back and read old entries and be brought back to specific memories like the smell of eucalyptus trees in Australia or the sound of a loon on a lake or my 21st birthday (yes, I remember it).

And so I'm beginning a new gratitude journal now. It's not an official one like the first time around, but it will work just fine to help me remember all the good that is happening in my life when I might start to get overwhelmed with the challenges I see people facing everyday at my internship. I can't promise that I'll always share everything online, but I'll try to share as many thoughts as I can. Sometimes they'll be boring. Sometimes they'll be funny. Sometimes they'll repeat. Always, they'll be real.

Today I am grateful for:

1. My supervisor, for taking the time to get to know me as a person in addition to getting to know me as her intern.

2. Paying $1 for an all-you-can eat dinner.

3. That Ellen Degeneres has clips of her show online so I can watch them and laugh before I go to bed.

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smukai said...

Can we be totally cheesy even though we really, really mean what is about to follow?

Hope and I appreciate you...your friendship, guidance, support, your holy Reverendishness, marriage counseling (that's what we will call it here since the tractor story doesn't need to be discussed in this forum...wait, d'oh!), funny stories and so much more.