Sunday, May 04, 2008

By the Numbers: an update

2 - papers written today
1 - hour of babysitting a screaming 5-month-old with his 2.5-year-old sister saying, "Call Mommy and have her get him."
1 - powerpoint presentation created for tomorrow's adventure
5 - enjoyable hours spent on Friday night not thinking at all about school

3 - classes left
1 - presentation to do
1 - policy paper to be written
1 - group project paper to be edited
1 - take-home test about death and dying to be finished

1 - week until I (hopefully) hear about the much-desired fellowship
2 - sleep-deprived nights left before the end of my grad school career
12 - days until graduation

1 comment:

pickledfairy said...

I know that crunch time is tough...but when you don your cap, gown and new stoll and walk across the aisle to receive your diploma it is all very worth it. I am very proud of you Pheobe!