Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Fill in the Blank

It's been a rough week.

Despite the high of graduating last week, I think the low of not getting the fellowship has followed me into this week. Couple that with slow days at work and too much time to think and it makes for some not-so-good headspace. I have been left feeling like I no longer know which way is up. The trajectory I thought my life was taking is no longer an option, and I am overwhelmed at the infinite choices that are before me.

I was at a friend's house the other night and when I went into the bathroom, I saw words written on the bathroom mirror. At the top was the phrase "_______ is my antidepressant" and below was a list of items and activities. Each day, my friend would write something new, and focus on that, plus the items on the rest of the list, to keep from sliding into a funk. I liked the idea, but hadn't made time to put it into action for myself.

Today, in an effort to keep my life in perspective, I began my own list. Coming up with something today was admittedly tough - a long day of work followed by a night of babysitting that may or may not be a positive experience, depending on the older child and whether or not he's willing to refrain from wrestling with his baby brother (who is not even one and most definitely cannot fight back). But I did finally come up with something, and today, "walking to work" is my antidepressant.

I've already got tomorrow's picked out: on Thursday, "G" is my antidepressant (because "N's beer" probably shouldn't be featured on this kind of list).


brushfiremedia said...

How about N's grilled pizzas? or N's stout ice cream/oatmeal cookie sandwiches?

Or "G" works, too.

legallyblonde29 said...

and for Friday: "crazy clothes picnic with kindergartners" or, in the alternative, "a chick flick with H"?

We got anti-depressants galore 'round these parts, lady.

The Burger said...

I'll add this from afar for a laugh.

You're much loved. :-)

Anonymous said...

I love this idea and will add it to my bathroom mirror, too. I'm sorry about the fellowship, Pheebs, but you're right, your choices are truly infinite. You're going to rocket off into the unknown! EFS.

Pete said...

How about "Muggle Quidditch is my antidepressant"?

That always cheers me up. :)

Turboglacier said...

How about "varnishing is my antidepressant"?

Melissa said...

I had written something that involved seventh grade memories (including our superiority complexes) and then Harry the Cat erased it -- probably for the better. I think those were just depressing memories.

This stinks and is hard and you would have been super duper at that fellowship. I have never known you, however, not to pick yourself up and dust yourself off and find something that suits you even better.