Wednesday, April 13, 2011

First Quarter Updates

1. The landlord for the new apartment called today and told me that the apartment is mine if I want it. This is AWESOME on so many levels I can't even stand it. I will sign the lease in a week.

2. Thanks to my 2011 savings plan, this is the first time I've signed a lease and not had to borrow money from my parents for the deposit. I feel so grown up!

3. I already bought a couch. It looks like this and it pulls out into a really comfy bed. This means that guests can stay in a room that isn't mine when they come to visit. Yay!

4. Work is still crazy.

5. I get to see my parents again next weekend! Two weekends in one month - and both sightings in Boston. How lucky am I?

6. The Decemberists "This is Why We Fight" video hits the internet tomorrow. This makes me happy.

7. In the meantime, I've been obsessed with this song, ever since Seth and Emi sang it for me a few weeks ago. Of course, I prefer their father/daughter acoustic version, but until they record it as a single, the original will do.

8. I re-read this post, and am pleased to report to you that I have checked off all of my "other goals" - I got my LICSW, took a swing dance class, and miraculously overcame the sickness from hell that lasted for nearly the entire first quarter of 2011.

So there we are, mid-April in 2011.


CDG @ Move Over Mary Poppins! said...

all good things!

can't wait for the blog tour of the new digs--not to mention the real one!

Anonymous said...

yeah for you. YM

John said...

Congrats on all the accomplishments -- who says adulthood isn't a rip roaring good time??

Anonymous said...

That last one was Melissa... John's pumped, too.

aussiekelly said...

so proud of you Phoebe! You set your sights on something and you got it.