Friday, January 26, 2007

Odds 'n Ends

It was the first nose-hair-freezing day of the season today. For those of you who have never experienced such a day, you know it when you step outside for the first time, breathe in through your nose, and get the sensation that all your nose hairs just froze together in clumps. Yeah. New England is great.

Speaking of cold, I got home and it was 47 degrees (F) in my room. For those of you not up to speed on my living conditions for the past few years, apparently, I have something against myself, and choose to live in apartments without heat (to be fair, my apartment in SF had heat, but it would smoke up the place and cause the smoke detector to go off, and my apartment now has heat - just not in my room). I always think it won't be that bad, but then a really cold day like today comes along, and I find myself sitting on my bed wearing socks, pants, shirt, sweater, bathrobe, and scarf, wondering when I will finally admit to myself that I'm too old for these adventures.

Looks like my bedroom feels (but not actually my bedroom).

For those of you following the Isaiah Washington scandal, there was a wonderful article written for Entertainment Weekly that I think everyone should read. No matter what side of the issue you're on, it will make you think.

I'm working on perfecting my resume to start sending out for Year 2 internships. I'm looking to be in a hospital setting where I can work with children and their families - hopefully in oncology and maybe also in emergency. All well and good, but now I've got to find a hospital with a social worker willing to supervise me and let me live my dream. If anyone knows anyone, let me know. Otherwise, stay tuned...

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legallyblonde29 said...

I say, figure out a way to make Dr. Burke gay... not sure how that can happen now that he said those magic words to Cristina (actually the only words he's said to her in weeks) but, hey, gay, closeted homophobic men marry women all the time, right? (I'm not the first to suggest this... the bloggers over on and a bunch of the commenters on the Ausiello Report have been pitching this idea for weeks! Maybe Sondra Rheimes will listen!)