Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The 06-07 Switch

I hadn't intended to write blog entries on my trip, but the amount of relaxation time I have, coupled with the amount of fun I'm having has inspired me to share my adventures.

After spending some quality time at the Reibel residence on Thursday and Friday last week, I picked up J & T from SFO in the wee hours of the morning on Saturday am. Not long after that, I went with J back to SFO to pick up I (rhymes with "broccoli"). Half a burrito and some stellar salsa later, we rolled back into Berkeley for a chill evening at home.

Day 2 of I's visit included a trip to The Cheeseboard, a walk around UC-Berkeley campus, a phenomenal spread of food created by T, and then a trip into SF where we went on a wild goose chase to find an open taqueria (oh, Cancun, how could you close on us!? I mean, we KNOW it's New Year's Eve and all, but...). Open taqueria found, we reconnected with a few more friends and then headed to our New Year's Eve party.

Phoebe rings in the New Year with 1/2 of Bob's face.

2007 began better than any year in recent memory: beautiful warm day, hike in Marin, and OYSTERS!!! (and you all know how I feel about oysters)

We awoke to sunshine and a cloudless sky, and determined that the New Year should be properly celebrated with a trek up to Marin County. We got up to Marin and wandered through some hills with cows, then met up with some other friends to eat oysters and picnic.

Jme makes friends with a baby cow.

In keeping with our tradition from the night before, our quest to find oysters (like our quest to find burritos) was not an easy one. We went to two oyster places posting signs that said "Sold Out" before finding a store that could sell us the 50 oysters we so craved. We snagged a picnic table as the sun began to lower in the sky and set about shucking and bbq-ing our oysters. In all, a very satisfying way to begin the new year.

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