Monday, January 29, 2007

Go Bears!

Not like I need a reason to root against the Colts this weekend, but apparently Indy coach Tony Dungy is being honored at a dinner event by none other than the Indiana Family Institute, the state's most prominant anti-gay-rights group.

And not only that, but the damn invitations include a photo of him dressed entirely in Colts gear. Now I don't know what stance the Colts or the NFL take on gay rights, but the invitation certainly implies to someone like me who doesn't know such things that the Colts and the NFL support the IFI's negative stance on gay rights, doesn't it?

I'd post the invite here, but it makes me feel icky just to look at it (Ick - anti-gay agenda! Ick - the Colts!), so instead I'll let you click on the links above for the invite photo and other info about this ridiculousness (and though you are all free to Google the Indiana Family Institute, they'll never get a link from me).

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dasein668 said...

Yuch. That whole thing is just so wrong.

And as if it wasn't wrong enough, you can add this to the myriad reasons to hate the ponys.

Go Bears!