Sunday, July 22, 2007


From an email sent to me by Brookline Adult Ed:

Dear Friends-

New this summer, we are pleased to present an intensive August term filled with shortened versions of some of your favorite classes. Here is just a sampling of some of our cool August offerings:

August Course Sampling

  • Pinhole Photography


  • Painting from Nature


  • Getting More out of Microsoft Word


  • Ballroom Dancing Latin-Style

Uh huh.

  • Spanish, Chinese, Italian, or French for Travelers


  • Heirloom Tomatoes and Fresh Corn

Uhhhhh, what?

Does anyone have any idea what one does in an "Heirloom Tomatoes and Fresh Corn" class???


dasein668 said...

Cook with 'em?

phoebe said...

Well, yeah, duh. But isn't it sort of a strange class title??? Shouldn't the title be "Cooking with Heirloom Tomatoes and Fresh Corn?" And doesn't the title imply that you're making dishes that involve both heirloom tomatoes AND fresh corn? And how many of those dishes can there be, really?

CDG said...

Haha! I have two recipes off the top of my head.

One, a freeform tart of fresh tomatoes and basil with fontina cheese baked into a cornmeal and fresh corn crust. Awesome!

Two, a tomato, corn, and basil potato salad that would be at it's best with native corn and heirloom toms.

Also, wass it listed in the culinary section?

PS: I used to teach for Brookline Adult Ed - they're kinda screwy anyway...

phoebe said...