Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Exhaustion Sets In

So my schedule is kind of nuts... Monday-Wednesday, I have my internship all day. Thursday I babysit all day. Monday and Tuesday nights I have class from 6:45-9:15. Thursdays I have class from 4:00-9:15. And then there are Wednesdays...

Every other Wednesday I babysit for a family to allow the parents to have a date night. But on the other Wednesday nights, I have class. From 4:00-9:15.

And what I'm discovering (after my second of these such weeks with Wednesday classes) is that I am 100% exhausted on those nights. I just got home from class, and I am ready to crash. All I have the energy to do is watch bad TV (yes, the game was already over by the time I got home) and read other people's blogs and sometimes (though not often) update my own.

So now I get into bed by 9:30, watch The Daily Show online, and go to bed by 10 or 10:15.

Kinda kills my social life. But... on the other hand, it's an investment to make sure I can make it through tomorrow.

Gratitude today for:

- Diet Coke
- Josh Beckett
- The sleep I'm about to get

1 comment:

dasein668 said...

Boo! crazy schedules.

Hooray! Josh Beckett!