Monday, October 29, 2007

I Heart Free Air Travel

So I returned home from class tonight to find an email waiting for me from Southwest Airlines with the subject heading Bonus Credits for a Hometown Victory. They're giving me 3 bonus credits (16 equals a free flight, so 3 is no small change) because THE RED SOX WON THE WORLD SERIES. This email makes me want to say publicly (to the handful of you who read my blog) that Southwest, despite its cattle-call boarding system, is pretty awesome.

Speaking of THE RED SOX WINNING THE WORLD SERIES, I was walking to school from my internship tonight (both which are near Fenway) and there were no less than 4 helicopters and one blimp flying overhead to report on the fans gathering to welcome the players back home. It was fun to be that close.

Not sure yet if I'm going to be able to sneak away from my internship tomorrow to see the start of the parade, but I'm gonna try!

This past weekend was my a cappella group's 45th reunion, so I spent the weekend in cold and rainy Vermont singing my heart out with about 60 other women. It was an amazing weekend, and energized me in a way that I really needed. I came home feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the second half of this semester.

Also (this is BIG news!), I came home to newly washed sheets. Ok, the sheets being clean isn't really big news (ok, it kind of is), but what IS really big news is that before I put my clean sheets back on, I put my heated mattress pad on my bed. Then I went away for the weekend, so last night was my first night of the season with the heated mattress pad. For those of you who have never experienced the wonder of the heated mattress pad, let me just say this: mmmmmmmmmmmmm. Despite my bedroom being somewhere around 50 degrees last night (here's why), I was snug and warm.

Almost took away the sting of my fantasy football team losing yet again.



Rian said...

That Southwest Airlines is celebrating the championship of a decidedly Northeast team speaks volumes of the depth with which Red Sox Nation has pervaded the country.

Please give my regards to the mattress pad. Olde friend, I knew ye well.

Also, thanks for the photos from said reunion... Amazing to feel so loved from so far away!! :-)

phoebe said...

Yeah - I don't know how I would have stayed in my SF apartment without that heated mattress pad. Somehow, even though it's definitely colder in New England than it was in SF, I think I valued the mattress pad more there than here. Maybe because there I had no heat ANYWHERE in my house, and it was made my bed a little heated island amid a sea of cold, drafty air.

Good times.

David said...

No true Northeasterner needs a headed mattress pad. Why I'll tell yu about the days growing up in Tubridge where their were thick sheets of ice on the INSIDE of my windows in my room...


I think you have to be able to sleep comfortable in -10 degree weather to call yourself a true Sox fan!

Sarah said...

I think that everyone in Red Sox Nation should have gotten 3 bonus points!