Saturday, November 03, 2007

Team Spirit

First, let me say that I am tragically sad that The Decemberists concert, which I was supposed to attend tomorrow night, was cancelled. I really am. Because I heart The Decemberists.

However, I also heart the Patriots, and the concert being cancelled ensures that I am able to catch every second of the Pats-Colts game tomorrow. There is so much hype around this game they've even had daily news stories on NPR about it. Crazy.

Before I tell you the next part of the story, I need to explain that I have a slight obsession with socks and underwear. It started over 10 years ago when I was at summer camp as a counselor trainee and we all went to WalMart one night and purchased Mickey Mouse underwear. They were fun (and funny), so we purchased more. By the end of the summer, I had an incredibly large collection of underwear that featured cartoon characters. I no longer have cartoon characters on my underwear (mostly because they stopped making them), but I do like to have a good selection of underwear that have stripes or colors or that are in some way more interesting than just plain colors.

The sock obsession came a few years later, when I got my first pair of "fun" socks. Now I own lots of them, and I can't stand wearing boring socks. It keeps me from taking myself too seriously when I have to dress professionally for work (or any day, really). I can look professional, and then I sit down and my socks become visable, and they have pigs or monkeys or bright colorful stripes on them and people can see I'm not as serious as I look. I have Red Sox socks that I wore all season, and Patriots socks that I wear on Sundays so I can subtly show my team spirit.

Anyway, the point of telling you all that is that I was shopping for World Series gear the other day and happened upon a discount rack of Patriots gear, including half-price Patriots underwear. Being the true fan that I am, I purchased a pair with no hesitation and I will be wearing them tomorrow.

Go Pats!


GirlTuesday said...

dude, those are some lucky undies!

Melissa said...

you're a nut :) but i agree that you're lucky! i'm also going to be on a hunt to find you some cartoon character underoos.

dasein668 said...

That borders on TMI there Fibby! 8D

So sorry about the Decemberists. However, I submit that they canceled because you didn't invite me to come too!

phoebe said...

Ok, listen. If I had posted a photo of me wearing the underwear, it would have been TMI.

Also, no one should complain because clearly they are lucky underwear.

smukai said...

You are a strange bird, my friend!

dasein668 said...


And yes, clearly lucky! Carry on with said underwear! ;-P

Anonymous said...

Hey man, I still wear my OUT AND PROUD socks that Babs gave me. And I feel like I'm taking an extra special step for the movement everytime I do. Bits

legallyblonde29 said...

I guess if you post about your undies, you get the most comments ever... Not sure how I feel about my husband thinking your undies are lucky!