Thursday, November 15, 2007

Misery, thy name is...

... grad school.

Apologies for the lack of updates/musings/links as of late. There was a tiny window of time when I wasn't slammed with 600 kinds of papers to be writing all at once, but that time is gone, and it's now full-speed-ahead until December 14th.

I went to another baby shower a few weekends back, and this one was at the home of the parents of my best friend from elementary school. I hadn't been back to this neighborhood in probably 15 years, so it was pretty trippy. I drove by my old house, which has been painted three shades of ugly since we moved out in 1990, and then on to my friend's parents' house which flooded me with memories the moment I walked in. Building obstacle courses in the tv room, playing out in the back yard... it was fun to re-discover memories like that.

MOMP had her baby, which is all kinds of exciting, and I am impatiently waiting for a break in my schedule so that I can get out to meet him. Congrats to MOMP and husband!

I'm heading up to Maine for Saturday night to celebrate Dasein's birthday, which will be a good break for me. I was originally going to try to stick around in Maine to watch the Pats game, but I think there is too much writing to be done to be able to justify that - especially since I'm babysitting on Sunday night.

So the boringness of this post pretty much explains why I haven't posted in a while, but I got feeling bad (not as bad as Dasein should feel - no trip log yet and you've been home 3 months!?!?!?), so I had to write something.

Next up: the annual Thanksgiving gratitude email.


dasein668 said...

You can use Brushfire Media's office to focus on writing during the day if you want... Dasein is going to brew beer after he recovers from the anticipated hangover, so it should be quiet. Then you can emerge in time for the big game!

Maybe I'll make ice cream... ;-D

Oh, and yeah... logs... right...

Rian said...

A tough offer to pass up, Fibby. Can't resist that ice cream.

Ben & Jerry's flavor: "Better by Dasein?"
"Daseining women (love this ice cream)"?
The factory seconds could be called "Dasein flaws"?
Sorry. I woke up this morning in Pun mode.

Good on you, Fibby, to write while you're overwhelmed. You're almost there!!

Melissa said...

I'm SO SO SO glad you could make it to the shower... even if my brothers didn't remember you and my dad walked past you. It was great to reconnect in the old haunt.

You're getting there... and it will feel soooooo good when it's done.