Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Yahoo Mail Beta Has a Great Sense of Humor

A while back, I wrote about how werewolves had taken over my email.

Tonight, as I wrote an email from my Yahoo account, I went to edit the subject heading line, and accidentally hit the "subject" button to the left of the text box. Right before my eyes, the subject heading changed from a boring "hi" to "I've never seen a man eat so many chicken wings." I clicked it again, and the subject heading changed to "You can't make friends with salad."

It's called the "Subject-o-matic" and it is brilliant.

(Other great lines include "Did you or did you not order the CODE RED?!" and "I'll transfer your skills to the legumes")


CDG said...

OK, so I'd never bothered to check out the Beta Mail... but now I have, and I just got "Dang! That's the 10th Commandment I've broken today" as a possible subject line. Thank you. Thank you for this!

smukai said...

D'oh! What the?

"You don't make friends with salad."

One of my favorite Simpson's quotes of all times. Can you name the episode?

Right up there with, "Augh, these goggles do nothing for my eyes!"

I have new found respect and admiration for Yahoo.

dasein668 said...


Anna said...

Oh thank you Phebs!! I almost never use my yahoo account and this makes me want to use it...gmail who?

here's what i got:
Tinsel and garland are NOT the same thing. Tinsel rocks.

Anonymous said...

See, about the friends with salad; don't you think there's like a million vegans who befriend, love and live over both legumes AND roughage?
Fighting for the little people,

Rian said...

On werewolves: (I meant to post this back when you were actually talking about werewolves...)

My vote for best werewolf movie ever goes to "The Beast Must Die," from 1974. It's a whodunit, and near the end of the movie, just as we're about to find out who the werewolf is, there's a one minute intermission, called the "Werewolf Break," where the audience is supposed to take a guess. It is absolutely hilarious to watch.

If you ever get a chance...

Sarah said...

Sounds like a Mystery Science Theater 3000 movie to me!