Sunday, March 23, 2008

Round Things Roll

I hated high school chemistry. However, I got through it because my high school chemistry teacher, Mr. Brown, was awesome. Though I've managed to forget most of that class, one lesson sticks out in my head. We were all paired up around our test tubes and bunsen burners and all of the sudden we heard the unmistakable sound of a test tube crashing to the floor. Without missing a beat, Mr. Brown made use of the teachable moment by exclaiming, "Look - round things roll!" A reminder to all of us not to leave our test tubes unsupervised, but said in a silly way that kept anyone from feeling badly about the broken test tube.


When I was home in Maine a few weeks ago, I went to Marden's and along with a whole lot of yarn and a few dress shirts, I picked up some Easter egg dye. I figured I could have some friends over for an egg dyeing party sometime before Easter.

Last weekend when I did my grocery shopping, I picked up a few cartons of eggs in preparation for the easter egg dyeing festivities. It wasn't until after I had purchased all the egg dyeing supplies that I looked at my calendar and realized that between classes, babysitting, and dinner at my friends' house, I didn't have any free time to host an egg dyeing party.

Sooo, I called up my friends who were hosting the Friday night dinner and asked if they thought it would be fun to do egg dyeing after dinner. Always up for an adventure, they said yes. There were six of us at dinner, and we all had a blast sitting around after dinner and decorating eggs. I came back home with 8 colorful hard-boiled eggs that night.


For the past two mornings, I have fixed my usual breakfast of cereal, and also a hard boiled egg.

For the past two mornings, I have put the hard boiled egg on the counter while I poured my cereal and milk.

And for the past two mornings, my egg has rolled off the table and crashed to the floor.

Apparently, round things (still) roll.


Turboglacier said...

This might say something about plane of your table, or your floors. Because even round things don't just start rolling on their own (that I learned in high school physics from Mr. Gilligan.)

More importantly (back to chemistry), are you really able to eat hard-boiled eggs when the white part is stained some bright color from easter-egg dye? I can't do it.

fibby said...

Fair enough, TG.

To your first point, I'll admit that I probably did not set the eggs down perfectly still. There was most likely some motion that was still attached to those eggs when I walked away and then the whole "an object in motion stays in motion..." thing came into play.

As for the easter egg coloring question, I can proudly say that I did such a good job hard boiling the eggs* that only one had a crack that allowed dye to stain the inner-egg. All others still look regular and egg-like on the inside.**

* Thank you Joy of Cooking for telling me to only have one layer of eggs in each pot and to keep the water at a simmer instead of a boil to prevent lots of movement and bumping and cracking.

** But to more directly answer your question, yes, I could have eaten the eggs even if they were funny-colored. Green eggs I can do, but I draw the line at green ham. And green ketchup. That stuff is just weird.

smukai said...

Ahh...Mr. Brown.

I remember on Halloween, Liz (a student) came dressed as a witch. She looked at Mr. Brown and asked him why he wasn't wearing a costume.

His reply was that he was wearing a costume. Liz looked very confused (not an unusual look for her). After a slight pause, he stated that he "came dressed up as a teacher."

The wit!

Anonymous said...

I just saw my moms pics from the Costa Rica trip. If your parents pics are at all similar - you're in for a trip. It's 95% pictures of birds and plants (even potted plants), 3% you parents on a food bridge, a random sampling of my mom squinting and a great picture of your dad, on a sail boat, scratching his ass.

Nice, nice.

Anonymous said...

Ok, that should read 3% of the pictures are of your parents on a foot bridge. Unfortunately they didn't get to the ancient Costa Rican Food Bridges . . . the mosquitoes this time of year are just too much.