Thursday, March 27, 2008


This past weekend I purchased a Wii online (thankyouverymuch, eBay), and last night it arrived.

I have been obsessing about getting a Wii for a while now, and found an auction where I didn't have to overbid, so I went for it.

Of course, it came yesterday, which is the day of the week when I speed walk home from work, scarf down a bowl of cereal for dinner, and then race off to babysit. So when I got home and saw the boxes, all I could do was wave at them. Lucky for me, the parents I sit for on Wednesdays never stay out late, so I came home and set it all up and bowled and boxed and loved every second of it.

And, as I had hoped, I am sore today (hopefully from the boxing and not the bowling), which already justifies the expense (Gym membership or Wii? Wii, of course!).

So tonight I'm grabbing pizza with a friend, and then we're coming back to my house to play any of the 14 Wii games I now own (I got Wii Play in addition to Wii Games and have 2 of each controller, so we can even box together!).

Bring on the fun. Bring on the sore muscles. Bring on the friends coming out of the woodwork wanting to come over and play Wii.


Anonymous said...

Do you have it hooked up to the internet? I can send you my Wii code (you have to send me yours too) and our Mii's can mingle inbetween our Wii's. It's cool, sometimes there's someone you didn't make on your Wii but they're watching your tennis match.

Also, you and Nana can battle for Mii ages.

And, rent Warioware and don't look up any of the rules. It's crazytastic.

Pete said...

Oh boy.

Put padding on all the furniture...

PS. Loved the Round Things Roll entry.

Rosalie Reibel said...

Lots of people seem to recommend Wii for rehabilitation after brain surgery. Good for the synapses :)

Have fun,

legallyblonde29 said...

fibby, did you have brain surgery without telling us? Boo.

Anonymous said...

I am so behind the times. Wii? Mii? I just want Super Mario Bros/Duck Hunt again! EFS

smukai said...

Awww...we have an Xbox 360...I don't think they talk at all.