Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sunday Fun

If you usually spend your Sunday nights sitting around and dreading the fact that Monday morning is just around the corner, I highly recommend getting yourself to the nearest imax theater and catching the U2 3D concert movie.

Movies in 3D are crazy anyway, but this was like nothing I had ever seen.

I also recommend spending your Sunday afternoon with a good friend, wandering through a local bookstore and then sitting in a coffee shop for a while. Neither requires conversation, but both offer the opportunity for interaction if desired, which is a nice. It's also fun to wander around together and look at the drunk St. Patrick's Day revelers, then go get dinner before the movie.

And before all that relaxation time, I highly recommend doing lots of productive things like paying bills and grocery shopping and cleaning the kitchen and doing laundry. And if you can find the time to purchase a new hair product that makes your hair feel silky-smooth, then do that too.

In all, a great Sunday and one I'd repeat again anytime.


smukai said...

Agreed. But we tried to see U23D on Friday longer playing ANYWHERE in Colorado because it bombed out here.


Pete said...

Ooooooh. U2 3D. Thanks for reminding me. Time to email Karu.