Thursday, January 24, 2008

Can One "Fail" A First Date?

If so, I'm pretty sure I failed mine on Monday night.

It wasn't bad, exactly, but it wasn't good. It was one of those interactions where he would ask me something about myself and I would answer in a rather thorough way, and then I would ask him about himself and he would give a one-sentence answer. After writing that, I'm realizing that perhaps it was he who failed the date, because seriously, how many questions can one person be expected to come up with on a first date!?

Anyway, in the process of answering questions thoroughly, I think I didn't have the right filters on, because there were stories coming out of my mouth that probably shouldn't have been shared on a first date. I was even aware of this happening a few times, but I had already started on the story and it was easier to finish than to make up a new more date-appropriate ending. They weren't awful or anything, but there were definitely a few bad date stories, as well as some reasons I don't call guys back.



It's ok. I'm alright with messing up on my first first date in a long time. But if I mess up on my second first date and then my third first date, I might have to get a coach.


smukai said...

Hey kiddo. You turn around and get out there again. First shift is just are getting warmed up. Next shift we'll need you firing on all cylinders. Now go out there and score a goal!

brushfiremedia said...

You aren't wearing a walking cast on your right foot, are you?


Anonymous said...

I have told you a million times to stop sitting on dead birds in front of potential suitors. Have you learned nothing? EFS.

Peter said...

I say go the extra mile - a well placed face-burp or fart-in-the-mouth as well as TMI can either net you an F or an A+, really. Vet the prospectives with a trial by fire!