Thursday, January 03, 2008

Chill Out.

Checked the temperature this morning before walking to my babysitting job, and the website I checked said it was 7 degrees (yes, that's a single-digit "seven") but it would FEEL LIKE -19.

After the 20 minute walk my legs were numb but everything else had been layered and bundled well enough to keep me from becoming a human popsicle.

I got to have a play date with C. (the 20-month-old boy I sit for now) and Miss M (the 27-month-old girl I sat for last year) today, which was hillarious. Between C's looks of bewilderment at how many words a minute came out of M's mouth, and M's regular exclaimations of "I just peed!" it was really quite an afternoon.

I'm currently sitting in bed under the covers with a hat and scarf on, trying to thaw from the walk home.

Winter... not so much my favorite season.


brushfiremedia said...

If it makes you feel any better, it never got to 7 at my house today...

I was going to lay outside tonight and enjoy the meteor shower, but mmmmm, maybe not!

girltues said...

f. you gotta be loving this 60 degree weather, n'est pas?