Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Scooperbowl Tuesday

Tonight I had ice cream for dinner, and I did not limit myself to just one flavor.

Apparently, every year the Jimmy Fund holds a 3-day fundraiser. Individuals pay $8 and receive a spoon, and then go around to tents to taste-test ice creams from New England vendors. Not sure how I missed this day last year, what with my ice cream radar being what it was, but this year I was prepared.

By my count, I sampled no less than 11 flavors of ice cream (indicated by "*" below). For what it's worth, the cups were (relatively) small, and I didn't always finish my sample, however that doesn't mean that I didn't come away feeling just a little bit ill.

Lessons learned from this evening:

1. It's fun to eat ice cream for dinner.
2. Nobody does cake batter ice cream like J.P. Licks, so don't bother trying any others.
3. The hotter the weather, the faster your ice cream becomes soup - eat fast.
4. Breyers Mint Chocolate Chip is damn good (and worth seconds)

26th Annual Jimmy Fund Scooper Bowl Vendors:
Ben & Jerry's
*Cake Batter
ONE Cheesecake BrownieTM
Imagine Whirled PeaceTM

*Mint Chocolate Chip
*Cookies & Cream

*Quack TracksTM
Mad Fish Mud
*Coconut Almond Fudge
Xtreme Razberry

Cold Stone Creamery®
Coffee Lovers Only®
*Founder's Favorite®
Chocolate DevotionTM

Doriti Gelati
Lemon Sorbetto
Orange Sorbetto
Mango Gelato
Vanilla Bean Gelato

*Birthday Cake
Cookies 'N Cream
*Mint Chocolate Chip
Orange Cream Sherbet

Élan Frozen Yogurt®
Black Raspberry

Garelick Farms/Gifford's®
World's Best Chocolate
Maine Wild Blueberry
World's Best Vanilla
*Maine Lobster Tracks

Raspberry Sorbet
Belgian Chocolate Chocolate
Pineapple Coconut
Vanilla Honey Bee

HP Hood®

Red Sox Green Monster Mint
Fat Free Vanilla Pomegranate Swirl Frozen Yogurt
Light Martha's Vineyard Black Raspberry
Bear Creek Caramel
Cookies N Cream Itti Bitz


smukai said...

Umm...can you explain Maine Lobster Tracks?

brushfiremedia said...

No stout and oatmeal ice cream sammiches? Thhpt, then.