Saturday, September 23, 2006

My Turn

While my friend, Burger, continues to have brushes with fame nearly every day in LA, I have not yet found any venues in Boston in which I can meet famous people... until tonight.

Tonight, a play opened in which my friend from high school is playing a role. She generously offered me a free ticket ("Hey - do you want to go on a date with my boyfriend to go see my play?"), and I enthusiastically said yes.

(It's a great show, and anyone in the Boston area should definitely check it out.)

At any rate, I saw the show, AND got to go to the after-party. Admittedly, not the same as a NYC or LA after-party, but still...

So the best part was when I realized that the woman who played one of the main roles in the play tonight is none other than Maureen Keiller. This is a name you probably don't recognize at all, but if you've seen "Fever Pitch" then you would recognize her as 'Viv' one of the season ticket holders. I even got to have a very short conversation with her at the after-party.

I felt so cool.

So now that makes 2 people I have met who have been in "Fever Pitch" and 0 people I have met who have been in any other movies.

Hmmm... perhaps I should work on that.

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CDG said...

Bring on the celebrity sightings!! Yo should come hang with me and the kids, we've got a pretty impressive catalogue for a nanny and three kids under 8 (not to name names, but Travolta.... and Victor Garber, and Martin Sheen, and Mick Jagger... this is why I won't go to Hollywood. I'd be an embarrassment to myself.)