Wednesday, September 13, 2006

You Want Me to WHAT?

So it's nearly 11pm, and I have been working on a paper since 2:30pm this afternoon. Admittedly, I should have gotten an earlier start than this afternoon, but what with my duties as Reverend this weekend up in Maine, there wasn't much time to be reading assignments and writing papers.

At any rate, the paper is one of the hardest I've ever had to write, and it's not because I've been out of school for over 6 years and no longer know how to write.

Here's the prompt:

- Who should the government help?
- Why should the government help these people?
- On what basis should eligibility for hlep be decided?
- Who shouldn't government help?
- Why shouldn't government help these people?
- Who should be responsible for those who government decides not to help?
- How should government decide who to help and who not to help?


Put THAT in your pipe and smoke it.


smookie said...

1) Small rocks
2) Because they float
3) Whether or not they weigh more than a duck.
4) Witches
5) They have warts on their noses
6) Public mobs.
7) Whether or not you can build a bridge out of them.

CDG said...

oooh! is this a game? the help-phoebe-with-her-paper game? i'm in:
2)their ears are the softest
3)color; specifically the fawn ones (we're fawn-supremecists)
4)guinea pigs
5)their terrariums take up space
6)the MSPCA
7)simple questionaire to determine breed.

phoebe said...

This is the funnest game ever! Thanks everyone! :-)

Rosalie Reibel said...

On a serious note, I have been very grateful to the government funded agencies who are helping Rosalie with her rehabilitation. It's definitely the state's best interest to get Rosalie the services she needs as early as possible. So add that to the list :)