Sunday, September 03, 2006

What a Weekend!

(... and it's not even over yet!)

My weekend started on Friday night with a Sox game. It was a great game, not only because we won, but because it was interesting. Many nail biting moments, a great relay play, and even a balk resulting in a run (oh, Mike, how I wish you were on the same continent to share that moment with me, since that is a baseball rule I learned from you!). Sarah and I splurged and got our ice cream in plastic, mini baseball caps, and then felt the need to pose with them on our heads.

Saturday, I spent the day in Wayland, working on my dresser. I found it on craigslist for $35, and though it was a little worn, it was a beautiful 100% wood (no particleboard!) piece that I decided was worth saving. My aunt & uncle generously offered me the use of their garage in which to work on this project, and so I began my work on Saturday. I purchased everything I needed from the hardware store (from a man of very few words who looked as though he would rather be anywhere in the world than standing in front of me, answering my "how do you refinish a dresser?" questions), and then sanded and primed the dresser (thank goodness for power sanders!).

Saturday night was "girls night out" with high school friends. We had a great dinner at Antonio's where we (I) flirted with the waiter and got us free limoncello, and then headed over to McFadden's for post-dinner festivities. While there, we noticed signs all over the place for their upcoming "White Party" (champagne social). Not so sure what that's all about, but we're all hoping it's nothing like what it sounds like ("by invitation only...").

Today, we ate breakfast at Sound Bites (amazing!) and then I headed over to a bbq hosted by a friend I hadn't seen in years (a theme of the past few weeks - seeing friends I haven't seen in years). Post bbq, I headed back to Wayland to paint the dresser (photos to come) and I am now recovering at home after a much-needed, paint-removing shower. Hurray for sleeping in my own bed tonight (and hurray and thank you to my hosts for the past 2 nights)!


Tim (of Tim & Meraiah) said...

Hey Pheobe. Dropping by to say hello now that I have learned you have headed back east. You have a very funny blog so I will keep posted. And my keys are in my pocket attached to their SF keyring..... We think of you lots. Happy sanding.

Addie said...

P - The White Party is a party where all the attendees have to wear all white clothing and it really doesn't end up being "by invite only" - they just put that on there to make you feel like you need to get an invite. ha! sounds like a good weekend

CDG said...

You were a welcome addition to our Indoors-Because-It's-Raining-and-Mother-Nature-Hates-Us Labor Day Party! And now, of course, as I sit, reading blogs and catching up on email, it's a beautiful, sunny New England Day. New England is perverse; welcome back!