Thursday, March 08, 2007

Episode 5: Love Many, Trust Few, Do Wrong to No One

I hate the way this season is shaping up. I hate that the Moto tribe, that has about a gajillion members I'd like to see voted out, keeps winning, and keeps getting more and more cocky, and the Ravu tribe, that has heart, but no luck, keeps having to vote people out. I didn't love Rita, but she was more deserving to be there than Stacy or Lisi. And the editors rub in the class difference with the cabana music they play every time they show Moto. I want to strangle the idiot Motos when they stay stuff like, "We have so much luxury it doesn't matter!" and when they sit around grinning like idiots and enjoying FAR too much luxury to be able to be called Survivor contestants. Stacy is SO deserving of a vote-off, I can't stand it, and yet there she sits, rolling her eyes, and blatantly not helping Dreamz make coffee. Alex's tiny bit of compassion ("I don't know how to make coffee either, can you tell me?") was much appreciated, and definitely won him a few points in my book.

I'm glad they're mixing it up next week, but at the same time, it's disappointing, because I would have SO loved to see Ravu living it up in the pimped out Moto camp. To be honest, I'm not sure that ever would have happened (since Moto showed it would rather give up a tribe member than give up it's king-sized bed and teacups), but that the potential for it to happen was there, and made it more exciting. The potential for Ravu to win an immunity challenge and not be losers was also there, and now we're never going to see that. I'm psyched for the Ravu members who will get to go live in luxury, but sad for those who won't. Mostly, I'm just eager to see the reaction of the Moto members who have to go live at Ravu camp. I hope Stacy is one of them.

Finally, Rocky and Dreamz? Really? That's either going to be the worst combination ever, or they'll turn into a powerhouse. I'm predicting worst combination ever, but Survivor is full of surprises, and anything could happen.

Quote of the week: "I Wanna Smack 'Em With a Fried Pineapple"

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