Friday, March 02, 2007

Friends are Cool, Sickness Notsomuch

So I've had a rough few days... After the endless sticks on Wednesday, I started feeling a little under the weather. I woke up Thursday with a sore throat and a general aching feeling (before anyone asks, yes, I did get my flu shot, so I was particularly pissed about this turn of events).

I called in sick to my internship, but had to rally at 1pm to go to an interview for an internship for next year. Not wanting to jinx it either way, I won't say much about the interview except that I would love to work there next year, and the women who interviewed me gave me absolutely no indication if they liked me or not. Everyone keep your fingers crossed.

Anyway, I made it home and felt even more sick than before. I ended up taking my temperature at about 9:30 last night, and it was at least 101 (I say "at least" because my electronic thermometer's battery died mid-temperature taking). I continued to pump myself full of fluids while watching the middle of season 7 of The West Wing, and finally went to sleep around 10:30.

This morning I woke up knowing that I had to go to my internship because I hadn't seen my kids in 2 weeks, and I couldn't make it three. Luckily my fever had broken overnight, and I was feeling much less achey. On my way there I realized that I had sent letters home last week to parents of 3 kids asking them to meet with me - two on Thursday (yes, that would be yesterday - the day I didn't make it into my internship) and one on Friday. I arrived and found the mother already waiting for me. Thank goodness she was kind and understanding.

Anyway, I made it through my day at my internship, sent letters home to apologize and reschedule the meetings I had missed yesterday, and came home and tried to take a nap before dinner. Unfortunately, my inability to breathe meant an inability to sleep. Boo!

Tonight, I had a dinner date with two dear friends from camp who I hadn't seen in ages. I could have cancelled, because I still felt like crap, but I didn't, because I knew that being in the presence of such amazing, fun, wonderful women would help me feel better. It worked. Though I'm back home and still unable to breathe, the smiles and laughs and general positive energy from tonight did wonders for my mood. I may not have a voice tomorrow from all the talking and laughing tonight, but I'm definitely in much better spirits now than I would have been if I had stayed home, that's for sure.

Quote of the night: "We moved all my furniture into our room and she helped. I must have been with her for 5 hours before I realized she was missing an arm!"

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Addie said...

Oh my god! I got picked for Quote Of The Day!! Sweet! :-)