Thursday, March 08, 2007

Episodes 3 & 4: Better Late Than Never

Ok, so I actually watched Episode 3 with a friend. It was great (both the episode, and the friend hang-out time). This was a friend I hadn't seen in years, and who totally didn't judge me one bit when we sat down to watch, and I said, "Wait - I need to get something" and he said, "Pen and paper to take notes for the blog?" Seriously, a good, non-judgemental friend indeed.

And yes, I took notes while watching, and then somewhere between 2 Thursdays ago and early this week, that piece of paper went missing, thus, the lack of blog post for episode 3. My favorite moment wasn't anything directly in the episode, though. It was when Sylvia went down in the oil/water challenge, and my friend commented, "She's going home tonight. She's going home tonight because she's still swimming." Maybe you had to be there, but I laughed really hard. It made me remember how much more fun it is to watch and do commentary in real-time instead of on a blog.

As for Episode 4:

- Rocky's "I don't usually deal with people like that - unless it's a broad. No offense to the ladies..." was a gem of a comment, as was Lisi's "Did I just have a baby and not realize it?" It's not that I disagree with her, but Papa Smurf was sick and was more than likely heading off the island at that point, so would it have killed her to keep her heartless comments inside her heartless body?

- I wonder what Ravu's note would have said if they had won immunity, or was Probst so certain that they'd lose that he just had one bottle?

- Dreamz was coming from a well-meaning place with his "let's all be honest with each other and not back-stab and figure out together who we'll vote out" speech, but coming out with "There are 2 people we can afford to lose. I'm not pointing fingers, but it's Lisi & Cassandra" was perhaps not the most tactful and diplomatic way to go about it.

- I wonder how long it takes before Stacy's "We're not going to be hurting - I swear to you!" promise when convincing the team to vote Liliana out comes back to bite her in the ass.

- Finally, let me just say to Liliana: C'MON! Has hitting on male team members to gain favor ever worked out for ANY past competitors? Really. That's gotta be in the top 10 list of
things that don't work to keep people from being voted out. I called it as soon as I saw her in all her massage-giving glory that she'd be out next.

Watching Survivor in real time tonight, so, ya know, maybe you'll get a post that is relatively timely.


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jme said...

yes, it clearly worked for amber. remember? of amba's slammin' fame?