Saturday, March 03, 2007

Happiness is...

... a tax return.

May sound nuts to some of you, but I have ended up owing the government money for the past few years (last year, I owed the state of California $1). Ok, so it hasn't necessarily been a lot that I've owed, but I definitely haven't gotten anything back in a loooooong time.

I did my taxes this morning, and as it turns out, the Feds are going to be giving me a pretty nice sum. This being a student thing is really paying off (until the loan repayment begins, of course...).

And though most of it will go towards rent and tuition and all those entirely un-sexy things, I'm pretty sure I can justify attending at least one Sox game as a reward for all these months of having a non-existant social life.

Anyone with me?

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Kevin said...

My taxes are finally done too, thank goodness. Even though I'm getting a few bucks back from the Feds it was extremely painful and distracting to see the sum total they took in taxes over the year. And yet I continue to vote for people who want to raise my taxes. Congitive dissonance!

Congrats, though. Now reward yourself and watch episode 3 of survivor so we can chat about the fact that human pyramids are awfully close to jumping the shark.