Wednesday, November 19, 2008

One More, For Good Measure

Apparently, I focused a lot of my bad poetry on my bedroom ceiling back in the day...

I hear giggling through the ceiling
   One floor up a man and a woman lie
Having just come home from a night on the town
   Or having just eaten dinner or just made love

And though I cannot hear the words, I can hear the tone
   And it is sweet and full of love

And I am full of jealousy because you have such love and happiness
   And at the same time,
      I want to scream

SHUT UP! Don't you know you keep me up at night with that noise!?

1 comment:

CDG said...

Just so's you know, Feebs, my waful poetry phase tended towards epic tales with lots of dark riders, suicidal maidens, and divided lovers. Surprising? No... Sadly, not.