Monday, November 17, 2008

Self Care

I spend a lot of time at work encouraging parents to practice self care. I remind them to take care of themselves so that they can best take care of their children. I try to do the same for myself, but sometimes I forget to make time. 

Going to the gym, crawling into my pre-warmed bed (thank you, mattress pad warmer) and watching House episodes, forcing myself to go out for drinks/dinner with friends after work even when I'm exhausted, and getting a full night's sleep are all things I do for self care. But lately, my self care standards haven't been doing it for me, so I'm opening it up for new ideas.

What do you, my wise and well-cared-for readers do for self-care? All suggestions welcome. 


Anonymous said...

I indulge in movies that I know would have people rolling on the floor if they knew I was watching them. Film classics such as Center Stage, the Journey of Natty Gann, Disney's version of Robin Hood and even Newsies (complete with singing along)

Anonymous said...

I do really bad water colors while watching old movies- strongly suggest: Woman of the Year (Spencer Tracey and Katherine Hepburn) and Country Wife (Bing Crosby and Grace Kelly) or Mel Brooks- whatever suits me at the time. Love you- your cous Katie

Scott Couchenour said...

Try this:

Step 1: Identify your "Top 10" - a list of the self care activities unique to you which bring you strength/renewal (you mentioned a few in your original post.)

Step 2: Develop a "3rd ear": Throughout the day, listen to your mood, your reactions, your energy level, and your ability to stay focused.

Step 3: Cultivate an "emergency response" mechanism. When you sense you are beginning to waver in your natural ability to "stay on top of things", engage one or more of the "top 10 list" from Step 1.

It's about self-awareness and a rhythm of life, rest, life, rest...

CDG said...

I suggest good old-fashioned pampering. If you can squeeze it into the budget, a quality pedicure, with the paraffin socks and an exfoliating leg massage, is one of my favorite self care outlets. When cash is low, however, Pretty Woman and wool socks do the trick.

Heather said...

I watch reruns of my favorite tv shows for hours on end.