Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Operation Momentum - Nov/Dec

Goal 1:
Track spending and create a budget.
There was a month between when I was babysitting full-time this summer and when I began my new job where there wasn't a whole lot of income. There was also a need for me to purchase some professional clothing (because the professional clothing of a summer babysitter is not the same as the professional clothing of a hospital social worker) (and thank god for that). I also got into some trouble purchasing crafting supplies (how can paper be so expensive!?). A later (probably December) post will explain the crafting supply purchases, which I do believe they were totally justifiable.

At any rate, I am not in any significant debt, but enough that I want to get out as soon as possible. Also, I want to make a plan for saving money and figure out how I will be able to pay my student loans when they kick in in January. All of these are reasons that this goal was created.

Good progress has been made so far, and I am excited to have some clear goals and limits for myself regarding saving and spending.

Goal 2:

Yeah, I know. What's the point of posting about it if it's private? Well, just knowing that it's out for people to read means that I feel more accountability than if I kept it to myself - even if you don't know what it is. 

The good news is that the energy created from the reason for Goal 2 is motivating me to go to the gym more frequently than I had been before, making me all the more convinced that Goal 2 was the right goal to choose, instead of "going to the gym more" which was originally my second goal.

The bad news is that my gym is awful. A longer, rant-filled post on that later, but for now I'll just say that I had no idea it was so difficult to find class instructors who have the capability to find the beat of the music they've chosen to play. Wow.


brushfiremedia said...
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brushfiremedia said...

I know! Goal 2: drink many, many martinis on Friday! Right? Right?!

Aside: when will blogger allow comment authors the ability to edit their posts?