Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Fibby apologizes profusely for the lack of postings as of late. A 100th reunion at camp and the long-awaited move to Boston have caused her to fall off the face of the earth temporarily.

Once she has secured furniture and has managed to make her new house a home, regular updates will resume.

For now, she is filling her days scouring craigslist for all kinds of furniture, and will be heading out to an interview for her internship this afternoon. Yippee!

While you wait for more updates, check this out to see why I'm pretty sure I just moved into the coolest neighborhood ever (the theater is a few blocks away).

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CDG said...

You're so psyched. Coolidge Corner is great! May I recommend the creperie in the block the theatre's on, and my favorite nail place in the area is about five blocks from the theatre. Oh! and there's a little Itlaian place for cheap that rocks. (and I don't even live there...)