Thursday, August 10, 2006

I Heart Elvis

Ok, it's 2am (EST), and I've been up since 6am (which was really 7am EST). I'm in the middle of nowhere, Kentucky - just on the border of West Virginia. I don't have cell phone service, but I DO have free internet, so I'm taking a few seconds to post a few of my favorite photos from today's big adventure: GRACELAND.

Me, SO excited to be holding my ticket to all 6 major Graceland attractions.

Abbie - if you dared me to drink this ancient Gatorade, I probably wouldn't (unless it was to wash down some 20-year-old gum).

Me, with just the base ticket left... and a plastic cup with a picture of Graceland on it. (I'm not in pain - it was just sunny and about 3,000 degrees outside - thus the "Take this quick!" urgency in my expression)

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