Thursday, August 10, 2006

Day 8: Nothing to Count

States: CO to KS to OK to AR
Total Car Hours:15.5

Sister and I began the day excited to play “Count the Roadkill” – a fun game my cousin and I had invented when we traveled I-70 from Colorado to Maine on a June road trip a few years back. We only managed to tally one dead bird in the first half of the day, so we hypothesized that perhaps June is a month in which higher numbers of road kills occur. Disappointing, as well, was the fact that we saw no tumbleweed (another tallied item on my last road trip).

Exciting, however, was driving through 4 states in one day (and BIG states too – not those wimpy New England-sized ones) and trying to photograph all the state signs as we drove through.

Kansas: (ok – not the Kansas sign, but we missed the Kansas sign, and this seemed like a good alternative)

Oklahoma: (yup – we know there’s no sign in this photo, but just to the left (or right) of the area encompassed by the photo is a sign that says “Oklahoma” – we swear)

(navigator/photographer was caught off-guard for this photo-op)

Just a pretty picture:

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