Thursday, August 10, 2006

Day 7: In Which We Discover that Going from Sea Level to 12,000 Feet Can Really Do a Number on One’s Lungs - Part II

The most exciting part of the day came when Gibson (Bernese Mountain Dog) went for his second swim ever... ...and got stuck swimming in circles. Like a good drowning victim, he tried to climb on top of his dog friend Cabot, but like a well-trained lifeguard, Cabot got away. In the end, it was Gibson’s Uncle (not Mom or Dad) who jumped into the water to help him find his way to land, and then had to dry out after the rescue.

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smukai said...

It should be noted that "Dad" was attentively standing by waiting to see what his "son" would ultimately do in this situation. Just as my father woudl have done for coddling, no extraneous support, just the sink or swim attitude that I could always expect from him.

I love my father! He taught me not so much how to swim but how not to drown.