Thursday, August 10, 2006

Day 9: Blast from the Past

States: AR
Total Driving Hours: None

We stayed in Conway, AR (home of the legendary “Toad Suck Daze”) with our aunt and cousin. Our aunt was just coming back from a visit up north with our parents, so our cousin spent the first day taking us to his favorite lunch place (Stoby's) and to Target & TJ Maxx (not his favorite places, but he was cool enough to chauffeur our outing). Our other cousin surprised us by showing up in the afternoon with his wife and 3 children. It was great to meet them all, and to get reacquainted with cousins we hadn’t seen in years.

At night, we surprised our aunt at the airport (she had been told we had left to continue our trip) and came home to play with the dogs (Weimaraners) and eat key lime pie.

The "tour of dogs" continues - Maggie on the left and Coach on the right.

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